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Anemia Symptoms

The symptoms are persistent tiredness, headaches, breathlessness, palpitations, paleness and sometimes depression probably as a result of the aforementioned symptoms. If you feel continually under par in this way seek professional advice as there may be an underlying reason for anemia. People who are most likely to suffer from the condition are young girls, growing children, women during pregnancy and women who use some forms of contraception. More women than men are affected, primarily because they suffer a more constant blood loss throughout most of their lives.

Although iron deficiency is usually considered to be the main cause of anemia it may not be due to that alone. Therefore do not treat yourself with large doses of iron 9which is the traditional remedy for anemia) in the form of pills and tonics or you could well end up being disagreeably constipated and headachy. It is more likely that your body is being prohibited from using the iron which is already present by a deficiency of other minerals or vitamins. Lots of strong green vegetables and liver used to be the answer but it is thought more important nowadays to follow a balanced diet overall. Fresh air and walks, which young Victorian ladies would have been instructed to take, certainly improve the supply of oxygen to the blood which is undoubtedly a physical, albeit a temporary improvement. When and if anemia has been diagnosed and a course of treatment suggested, or if it is found that you are simply suffering general tiredness and malaise caused by the hassle of everyday affairs, your state of health can only be improved by any of the following old fashioned and very harmless ideas.

Just a Matter of Diet

The famous green cocktail of spinach, watercress, nettle tops, carrots and beetroot mixed together in a blender to make a tonic juice contains valuable minerals and vitamins. Try it for breakfast or dinner.

Walnuts, sun-dried pears and apricots, raw oats, wheat germ and pumpkin seeds – what could be nicer then all these ingredients mixed together in breakfast muesli? All of these foods, together with carrots and beetroot, will improve the general state of health and will also help to restore the good appetite which is usually lacking when fatigue takes over. Sun-dried pears and apricots soaked in red wine and cooked with honey were highly recommended as a breakfast food to tempt the appetite. A glass of aperitif, fortified wine or red wine may also have the same effect.

Most children will baulk at the ‘green cocktail’ but like carrots so make up instead a good carrot or beetroot soup using the minimum of water to cook the vegetables in. Give them a small glassful of grape juice daily too.

Honey, as always, plays an important part in improving health. Lemon and honey or apple cider vinegar and honey mixed with warm water are good morning or night-time drinks which will help to combat infection when resistance is at a low ebb.

Nettle, chickweed or dandelion tea taken with or without honey are full of valuable minerals and vitamins and are very ancient remedies for debility. Finally, old – fashioned purists viewing an unresponsively lethargic and list less child often put it down to bloody – minded laziness and enforced a regime of castor oil morning and night to purify the blood. Fresh fruit and vegetables will have a far better long-term effect.

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The symptoms are persistent tiredness, headaches, breathlessness, palpitations, paleness and sometimes depression probably as a result of the aforementioned symptoms

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This article was published on 2011/06/28